Saturday, March 26, 2016

March 2016.

Its 2016! March is almost done... means i'm still in the middle of practicum at SK Kampar.
Its the last practicum and makes me feel like a real teacher. But i cant wait for April to end! 

Final year. Time flies. 5 years in IPG. I've learned and experienced a lot. 
But the world is so big and knowledge have no end. 

By now, i'm at school as a practicum teacher with Zana (my all time work partner) and i'm learning A LOT from the other teacher. I'm grateful for the teachers that welcome us. Thank you for treating us like friends and colleague. Please keep guiding us for the remaining time we are here.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lost Case

Hahaha.. yup.. lost case...Selalu sangat alone sampai lebih selesa alone than dealing with people.
Tapi nak jadi CIKGU. Sentiasa deal dengan manusia lain. Dengan budak-budak no probs lagi.. tapi dengan cikgu-cikgu lain jadi errrrrrrrrrr. Nasib ada partner yang memahami betapa awkward-nya diri ini.

Lost case lagi bila selalu sangat alone. Nak getaway tapi xde kawan. Parents bukan setakat tak percaya kat hang tapi dengan kawan-kawan hang sekali depa x percaya. Yela.. Anak depa ni mana ada kawan sangat. Duk terperuk dalam rumah tak keluar. Jadi getaway yang paling mudah, tengok wayang sorang-sorang. Takda sapa nak kacau hang dalam tu.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hope To Find That 'Someone'

I'm a dramas and movies addict... especially rom-com (don't judge me) I like things simple and fun.
What I really like about the characters is the hero or heroin always have their 'someone' to lean on. Like when they are sad or in trouble, they can just call and text that person right at that moment. That someone is either best friend/s or parents or siblings or the love one. I am really jealous when watching those moments. I compare them with my own life and i don't think i have that 'someone'.

I'm a girl that full with inner thoughts. I talk in my head a lot. Like A LOT. But not even half of it get through my mouth. When i have problems or in trouble or just feeling lonely i always look at my phone but i just LOOK at it. I never have a person to suddenly call to whine and complain at.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a loner. I have good friends and lovely family who i can be crazy and share stories with. I even being in relationship before. They are all very precious to me. But maybe i'm too used being someone people can lean on, be tough so i don't be a burden to anyone, i never find a person for me to lean on. No one ever make me feel its okay to let my guards down. I have too many thoughts and secrets within myself. 

I envy those characters in those dramas. Hope i can find someone who understands me so well and will be my 'someone'. Someone who will listen to me whining and complaining and be mad at. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Music Addiction

I've been into various music all my life (i'm just 21y/o)..
Rock, Metal rock, Hip Hop, Classical, Nasyid, Pop, Kpop, 
So nowadays i'm into acoustic or capella covers
Been on youtube from one video to another to find something to listen to
I don't know much songs besides FTISLAND's (dont judge me i'm a full time PRIMADONNA)
But i get to know what popular songs are in trend from all this covers
Some are really like REALLY awesome and they makes me to open my range wider 
These are some that i really into and even inspired me

and Fifth Harmony

Chester See 
and Tiffany Alvord


(my current fav)

Even with all this new addiction and obsession to new artists, I'm still glued to FTISLAND.
FTISLAND is not just music and artist to me. They makes me have one new life and lots of interestingly worldwide friends. Hope they keep doing music together forever and i'll be their supporter. Always. 

Music is wide. I want to be among it

Friday, April 25, 2014

Something called 'BERKAT'

People including me always seems to forgot that we need this particular thing to feel happy in life

I've realized something yesterday when i met my school teacher 
"Budak-budak yang kerek dgn ckg dlu........"

Kadang2 kalau mengata ckg yg x brape nk suka tu slalu ad ayat "Bukan ckg tu ajar kte pn" then dgn selamba ignore or kurang ajar dgn ckg tu
It's so wrong actually.. 
Memang la ckg tu x ajar kte skarang tp akan dtg? kte x tau... Mne tau ad hari dy mengajar kte and that teacher obviously know we didnt like him/her... 
Apa yang dy ajar tu kalau dy susah nak ikhlaskan akan jd x berkat.. sebab seorang ckg tu pun manusia, ada hati dan perasaan... berkat tu penting.. kadang2 kte study teruk mcm mna pun xboleh nk masuk.. maybe kte ad salah dgn ckg tu.. 
and then i remind myself, respect every teacher even how much u dont like him/her. dont ever kurang ajar dengan dorang... setiap guru tu ade ilmu yg kte xde.. 
I'm as soon-to-be-teacher hope to remind myself n my soon-to-be-students this

Lagi satu... family... i mean family besar.. maksud family bukan setakat mak ayah n adik beradik je... the whole atuk nenek pakcik makcik r family... 
'Syurga di bawah telapak kaki ibu' Its the most important but sometimes we need to understand we have mom and our mom hv a mother too.. sebagai anak mmg kte xde hak nk question our parents tp kadang2 kte boleh slow talk w them when we think they made a really wrong thing.. especially when it involved their parents... we r an adult n we can think rationally what is good n bad.. "Kita tegur sebab sayang" 
We want our family dilimpahi dengan berkat n kasih sayang dr family n friends.. so sometimes we need to do the these kind of things